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Albert Einstein

At what age did Einstein finally learn to speak fluently?

On what birthday was Einstein photographed with his tongue out?
72nd birthday

What is an equation?
a statement, in numbers and symbols, saying that two things are the same.

What does “E=mc2” state?
the energy of an object is the same as its mass times the speed of light squared.

Where was Einstein a junior clerk in a patent office?
Bern, Switzerland

What year became knwon as Einstein’s annus mirabilis (Latin for wonderful year)?

What type of physicist was Einstein?
a theoretical physicist

What is acceleration?
increasing speed

How did Newton describe gravity?
as a force between two objects

What did Einstein show about gravity?
It is not actually a force, but it is the effect of objects on space.

What do large items do to space?
curve space, causing them to fall toward each other

What is the effect called by which the weightlessness a skydiver feels is similiar to that of an astronaut in space?
equivalence principle

What allowed Einstein to complete his General Theory of Relativity?
his observance of what he called the equivalence principle

How time, length, and mass are measured will depend on what?
the position and speed of movement of the person making the measurement

What would someone on Earth see if a spacecraft was moving through space at almost the speed of light?
the craft would look shorter, its mass greater, and its clocks would move slower

How much plutonium did the Fat Man atomic bomb carry?
just over 2lb 3oz (1 kg)

How many nuclear weapons were build during WWII by the Manhattan Project?

Who made up the Manhattan Project?
an international team of physicists

What was the test of the first atomic bomb code named?
the Trinity Test

What is an example of the mass of an object being converted into energy?
nucluer fission, where the energy locked up in a single atom is released in a chain reaction

What did Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity do?
expanded previous knowledge about space, time, light, and matter, taking it into new, uncharted realms

What was Einstein awarded a nobel prize for? When?
his explanation of the photoelectric effect, 1921

Where is “E=Mc2” from?
Einstein’s Special Theory of relativity, published September 1905

When and Where was the first atomic bomb tested?
on July 16, 1945 at a desert site in New Mexico

How many people did the fat man bomb kill when it was detonated above Nagasaki?

Where was theanhattan project based?
a secret laboratory in Los alamos, New Mexico

What pioneer of nuclear fission fled to Sweden in 1938 when germany took over austria?
jewish physicist Lisa Meitner

Who was afraid that Hitler would be the first to create an atomic bomb and urged Einstein to write a letter to FDR?
European scientists in the US

What confirmed einstein’s General Theory of Relativity?
observation of an eclipse in 1919

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