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Listo System Essay

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Listo system is a recognize graphic service company which deals with all the graphic related programming having a long successful history. Due to the persistence effort of management, the company got a tremendous achievement in a very short period of time and in early 1990’s the organization become one of the top graphic service companies in the globe. Different factors have encountered the company in different ways. The technological advancement, change in consumers need and demand, competitors are the major components affecting the listo system. The impact of power shifting from the Seller to the Buyer

As Listo system has been growing tremendiously in the graphic designing world but the company was not able to cope with the market growth appropriately. The above case shows that company was not able to utilize the Latest technological invention in the best effective way so they are not able to produce the goods and services according to the customer needs and demand. By viewing the lacking in the market, different competitors emerges and occupy the vacuum created by the listo system. Latest technology also helped the competitors for the production of the quality product which met the consumers taste and preferences. This create a extreme competition in providing the quality of goods and product in a reasonable price between the competitors. Today’s customers are so much aware about the quality and price of the product.

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So, the availability of the substitute product leads to increase in bargening power of the customer and to consume those goods and product which are of high quality with a reasonable price. Employees are the most valuable assets of any company. But the listo Company was not able to satisfy their employees in different aspect. Employees satisfaction and motivation leads to the profit maximization of every business firm. Different training, incentives, rewards, and encourgemnt need to be given for every employees so that they will give every possible outcome to the organization. Listo fails to serve these things but focuses only on the profit and market optimization. Lacking the proper researches relating to the customer’s choice and preferences in the graphic designing field by the company leads company to lose its market share. Similary, a company lacks visionary leadership who can easily trace out all the future possible problem in advance and prepare the necessity strategy to strengthne the market leadership. Thus, a company compel to shift their power to the customer.

External Factors Affecting Listo System

There are various External factors that affect the listo system. They are explained below:

Technological advancement

The latest invention of different technology helped the listo system very much in different sectors. With the latest technology, they are capable of producing the services in very short period of time using the available resources in the best effective way according to the need of the customer choice. Quality of products can also gradually increases with minimum inputs that will decrease the price of the product can be a market leader.

Customers Expectation

Customers are the one of the most important factor that affect the listo system. Different factors need to be considered by the listo system inorder to get the customer attraction. Different customers have different choice and preferences to satisfy their need the listo system has to produce such a product that meet the all their expectations.


We cannot control any activities of our compititors but we can build different strategies to cope with the action taken by our competitors. Many competitors have emerged in the graphic designing sector which is creating great competition in the market. This leads the company to provide the best quality products and services to its customers in reasonable price than other.

1. Listo Systems: The Challenge of a Growing Organization
Defining the Context

Listo Systems, one of the world’s top graphic service companies, was established in the 1990s when technological advancements were increasing and creating a more competitive market. After going through a period of great success and growth, the company decided to hire a number of new employees and adding new layers of managers and supervisors.

Defining the Key Issues or Problems

The main issue is that Listo Systems has been growing too quickly, and the company has not been able to cope with this growth appropriately. Due to this situation, causal variables such as lack of proper training for new employees, management becoming less concerned with workers’ opinions and more concentrated on production and profit have eroded. As a consequence, there has been a lack of clearness regarding the company’s objectives and goals, and as a result of this there have been intervening variables such as decreasing employee motivation and productivity which provoked personnel turnover rate to increase and amount of sick days taken doubled.

Applying Concepts

Organizational Level 1: Key Players (Stakeholders) and Business Ideas (Purpose) In this level, “(…) implementing business ideas in the internal and external environment is affected by the stakeholders, key players, or factors whose helping or hindering roles determine success or failure to the organization.” This level involves establishing, refining and monitoring the vision of the company so it can synchronize stakeholders and key players with the business ideas and purpose of the organization.

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