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physics relativity

When was Albert Einstein born
born in Ulm Germany in 1879 and grew up in Munich. the school he attended was Luitpold Gymnasium.

what inspired Albert Einstein at a young age, how does this relate to Issac Newton.
Albert Einstein was inspired by a compass and Issac newton was inspired by a pocket watch.

what did the principle say to Albert Einsteins when he asked what can he do as a career
Doesn’t matter he will never amount to anything.

What college did Einstein go to, what did he graduate with, and what was his hopes to be
Went to Federal Polytehnic in Switzerland, graduated with a physics degree, and hoped to be a teacher.

What job did Einstein actually get, and what did he think of it
he was a patent clerk and he thought that the job was intellectually stimulating and provided him with free time to study physics.

What was Einsteins first paper of 1905
The photo-electric effect were different colors had different emissions of electron speeds.

most scientist thought that light was a ___ Einstein showed that light behaved like a ___ called a ___ how was Einstein recognized.
light is a wave, particle; photon, and that it is duel nature.

The 2nd paper of 1905 was called? Although Einstein considered calling it? Why?
Theory of relativity; thought of calling it Invariance theory because speed of light is invariant

What are 2 postulates of the special theory of relativity
1. Laws of physics are the same in a inertial frame of reference. 2. Speed of light in empty space is constant, independent of velocity from the source, of the light, or of the observer.

What are 4 basic results of the theory of relativity
1. No material can go at- or beyond – the speed of light. 2. Time dialation: approaching speed of light, time slows down, relative to an observer. 3. Length contraction. 4. Mass increase.

Third paper as E=mc^2. What does this equation mean.
Energy=matter. How much energy is in a object by mass.

Later in the 1940’s Einstein’s equation was used for? How did he feel?
Used for a atomic bomb. Felt bad because his intentions were not to create something of violence.

Also the equation solved how star shines. Explain how they solved it.
During nuclear fusion, where atoms of hydrogen are fused Into atoms of helium, which then releases an enormous amount of energy.

What was the 4th paper of 1905
Brownian motion. Paper confirmed molecular theory, where a strong bond between two or more atoms take place.

In 1915 Einstein published a paper which he called? This was his explanation of?
General theory of gravity, NOT a force, but a curvature of space-time. Presence of a massive object curves space-time into 4d.

Explain Newton’s thoughts of gravity?
Ever object in the universe attracts every other object with a Force of gravity. Plants orbit due to inertia straight forward.

What was unified field theory
There are 4 fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force.

In 1921 what did Einstein win
Nobel peace prize for physics

What theory did Einstein announce in 1929? How long did it take to successfully complete this theory?
Unified field theory. Still going on today.

What occured in 1933 that changed Einstein life forever? Why was he persecuted? Where did he move? What job did he obtain?
Hitler came to power, and Einstein was a Jew. All laws by him were false. Move to the US and got a job as a professor at Princeton University.

What did the 2 great physicists Einstein and Bohr disagree​ about? Even though he was partly responsible for it, why did Einstein dislike the quantum physics
Quantum physics. Because it was all luck and not perfect with giving a right answer, and Einstein said, “god does not play dice with the universe.

What did Einstein do in Africa in 1919

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