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Steakholders Influence Assignment Hsm/270 Essay

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Human service programs depend on funding to provide service to countless individuals in a community. There are so many variables that are necessary to ensure the program will function correctly and efficiently. Stakeholders are a part and a major contributor on how the program will proceed. Stakeholders are a person, group, or an organization that has in impact on the operations of an agency or a human resources program. They can be involved during evaluation process to examine the data collected. This can then in turn assist the stakeholders to come up with ideas, which would then influence board members as to how the agency or program should change to make sure it will reach its goals, objectives, and to follow its mission. The stakeholders can have a positive or a negative impact on the program, which can affect, the economics, funding and accounting and other business related decisions such as, administration, staff, volunteers, community, and the target population related decisions. The administration department will oversee the program plan and are responsible for meeting the expectations of the stakeholders. The staff, which has a direct contact with the target population, is responsible for caring out the goals and objectives initiated by administration. All the portions of the program need to work in unison to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Developed could be challenging to meet the expectations that a stakeholder would require, especially when several stakeholders are involved. The human service program that is currently in development is the Border Basic Needs Agency. The agency is will target women victims of sexual and domestic violence to attend to specific needs and allow them to begin to restructure their lives. Many times victims of sexual and domestic violence are forced to be separated from their loved ones, and have limited access to basic needs. This could include shelter, food, clothing, and job placement services. There are several agencies that help with treatment and education, but our service will be geared to getting victims back to some sense of normalcy. When families are ripped apart by sexual and family violence, they are at times left without anything because of the situation they were placed into. Our agency will provide shelters or foster homes to those left without a place to stay. They will also be provided with food, clothing and job placement assistance.

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Stakeholders can come in different forms and in both the PEACE Domestic Violence program and the Border Basic Needs Agency can have several stakeholders related to each other. They both would need stakeholders to oversee the funding and expenditures of the program. They would be able to use a program evaluation that would provide some service outputs, which would then lead to the outcome portion of the evaluation. The program itself has several different services provided and each portion needs to be evaluated. The areas that will be evaluated are program use, target population, case management recording, participant and staff satisfaction and project goals and objectives. Once all the information is gathered then the stakeholders would be able to recommend and make improvements to the program.

In the Border Basic Needs Agency would benefit from having a few stakeholders. The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence would be able to provide advice and resources that would make the program successful. Their mission is to promote a social change and end gender-based violence, by providing information, support systems. They will assist organizations, communities, and individuals to build a strong support system to deal with domestic violence issues. They can provide technical assistance and training personal to help with anti-domestic violence procedures. The National Resource Center also has specialized resource materials such as fact sheets, special collections, research papers, and training materials to support domestic violence intervention. (“National Resource Center On Domestic Violence”, 2012). The guidance and expertise would provide a strong foundation for the Border Basic needs Agency. There assistance would also help guide the agency to funding opportunities. A possible stakeholder and grant provider is the Avon Foundation for Women.

Parts of their requirements are to be a U.S. based operation or developing family justice center or agency. The Avon Foundation for Women has assisted with more than 4 million dollars and has helped support nearly 75 coordinators. They also believe that separating victims from the violence to achieve independent economic stability. Their contribution would be to increase the numbers of clients who receive comprehensive case management, to develop a strong community support system to enhance the clients’ outcomes. They also want to ensure the client will receive mentoring programs to live a violence free life. Guidelines set by The Avon Foundation for Women include evaluations to ensure that clients are assisted with short and long-term goals. The program must also develop and provide tailored financial literacy programs for the victims. On site programs must also include resume preparation, interviewing techniques, computer office skills and even assistance in English as second language opportunities. Education services must also be provided by the agency to help with high school equivalency, vocational or higher education assistance. The agency must also assist by developing partnerships and referral process for government and private sector programs to help domestic violence clients to have easy access to other programs. (“Avon Foundation for Women”, 2013). Avon would require the agency to provide reports such as demographic provides for each client served. These must be reported quarterly and a final reconciliation report. The reports will include qualitative and quantitative feedback and measure how survivors have achieved success. These requirements would be monitored closely and suggestions would be made to the agency.

The Basic Border Needs Agency was devised to assist women who have been victims of sexual or domestic violence, by providing them the opportunity to have the basic needs and return to a normal life. Providing food, shelter, clothing and job placement will be the main focus of the program. Having the right stakeholders will allow the program to function in a positive manner. The stakeholders would take advantage of the program evaluations to make sure the goals and objectives are met. Working closely with stakeholders will ensure the program is well funded and more important, that the victims will have a chance for a violence free life. The goals and objectives of the Avon Foundation and the Basic Border Needs Agency will be achieved in


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