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The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb Essay

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On August 6, 1945 an American bomber dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima., Japan. Three days later another atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan . Theses bombs brought the end of World War two with Japan. After the Allies defeated the Axis powers in Europe, America need a way to quickly end the war. This came the decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan, which was a military necessity. The drain of early battles, an full-scale invasion on Japan, and the threat of Soviet influence cause for such a dramatic decision to be made.

The United States had managed to stay out of war in Europe, until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This bombing by the Japanese had dragged America into the fight (Doc A). The Pacific front of the war was one of the bloodiest. Americans had lost its footing in the Eastern front in the early years. Such as the lost of control of the Philippines, when General MacArthur retreated to to Australia on April 9, 1942. It wasn’t until June of that year at the battle of Midway when the U.S. started to turn the tables. Fighting on two fronts was draining on the U.S. and after V-E day in March of 1945, the United States need a way to end the war soon, or face a the war to continue to drag on, causing thousands of more American lives.

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The United States didn’t think of dropping the bomb to end the war at first. U.S. forces had began to plan a full scale invasion on Japan’s mainland in November 1945. American forces had been bombing cities, military bases, and industries, in Japan since the take over of Guam in the battle of Marianas on June 1944 (Doc E). The invasion of Japan would cause millions of deaths, not only American, but Japanese lives as well (Doc C). The atomic bomb had began construction under President Roosevelt to use against the Germans (Doc B). Once Truman became president, the bomb seemed to be the quickest way to end the war while spearing as many lives as possible (Doc D).

The drop of an Atomic bomb would also end the need for Soviet assistance in ending the war with Japan (Doc F). With the Soviet Union joining came the threat of communism spreading. It seemed not a good idea to be in the situation to need help from the USSR. Some think the bomb was a way to threaten the Soviet Union. To show off the U.S. power (Doc G). After dropping the first atomic bomb, Stalin declared war on Japan, August 8, 1945. This raised the even more need to drop the second bomb. That caused Japan asked of peace on the 10th of August 1945, stopping the need for the not so welcome support.

Though the out come of the bombing was terrible (Doc I), and some like to say there where other ways to end the war, avoiding using the atomic bomb (Doc H).Though in the end the dropping of the two atomic bombs was a necessity. It was the only option to end the war, without causing a significant number of lives in that time.

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