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Urbanization Essay Examples

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The Topics of Industrialization, Urbanization, and Globalization

The topics of industrialization, urbanization, and globalization are inextricably linked. The evolution of industrialization spawned the latter two social phenomena. Industrialization played a central role in many economic developments and improved the prospects for the improvements in health and social well being. Like every story, we can’t seem to have the good without the bad….

Cause and Consequences of urbanization in Scotland

This essay will explore relevant cause and consequences of urbanisation in Scotland from 1700-1860. A dictionary-defined term would be “the social process whereby cities grow and societies become more urban.”(1. 30/08/2005). Scotland went through huge political and economical changes from the 1700’s onwards. The country went from being a rural, agricultural society with an estimated…

Modernization and Indigenous Cultures

Introduction Modernization is the process of moving from farming and agricultural society to an industrial society and it mainly deals with societies after the Industrial Revolution of the mid-18th century. Some key features of modernization would be large, formal organizations and division of labor based on specialization of skills and abilities. There is more control…



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The regeneration of urban areas

“How successful has the regeneration of urban areas been, given the variety of ways it has been undertaken?” Regeneration is the improvement of an area to bring about a lasting economic, social and environmental change. It is necessary to bring life back into an urban area and to encourage it to thrive and can be…

Human Population and the Environment – Urbanization

Urbanization can simply be seen as the movement and concentration of large populations upon an urban area at the detriment of the rural populous. This is due to a complex set of economic, demographic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental processes (P. Knox, 2009). Our topic narrows down to the correlation of urbanization and the environment….

Industrialization and Urbanization

At the turn of the century, Industrialization and Urbanization brought prosperity to Canada and Canadians by improving and altering their livelihoods for both positive and negative reasons. According to the authors, Industrialization and urbanization led to the growth of the economy, development of the east, west and central cities, increase of rural to urban migration,…

The Solutions for Urbanization Problems

There has been urbanization problems in caused by the fact that the economy has grown in urban areas as a result of increasing population dramatically. The problems create several issues in urban areas. On the other hand, the concept of sustainable development means that the economy continues to grow while preserving the environment. In this…

Country Classifications and Urbanization Processes

Urbanization, meaning the increase in the proportion of the total population living in urban areas, has been a worldwide phenomenon since 1950 (Pacione), particularly due to the rapid economic development after the second world, but such a process has existed for centuries, as early as in the 18th and 19th century when the industrial revolution…

Environmental Benefits And Challenges Of Urbanization

This paper has been written to analyze in-depth, the pollution, covering air, water, chemicals, and other such related issues in the United States. Further, I would also be developing an environmental health teaching plan to address one of these issues. Environmental issues are becoming very prevalent in today’s world. The question is why the environment…

Speaker’s Notes on the Environmental Benefits and Challenges of Urbanization

Slide 1. Title Slide 2. Introduction Urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon. It is changing the landscape and dynamics of cities from Asia to Latin America. The United NEations reported in 2003 that by year 2017, developing countries will be more highly urbanized. The rapid urbanization rate of major and small cities throughout the world is…

Development, an Impetus to Urbanization

New ways of thinking about government, science, economics, and religion had brought many changes to America by the eighteenth century. Concern for individual freedoms became so strong that it led to revolution in many lands. In Britain’s American colonies, revolution brought the establishment of a new nation, the United States. In the spring of 1775…

Urbanization increases

Golf courses also use fertilizers and chemicals in watering and maintaining the area which also contribute to the contamination of water. According to 1FAOs estimate of changes of forest area cover in developing countries, the world’s forest area had significantly decreased during the period of 1980 to 1995 largely brought about by development and the…


?Urbanization is a socio-economic process by which an increasing proportion of the population of an area becomes concentrated into the towns and cities. The term is also defined as the level of population concentration in urban areas. The process of urbanization increases both the number and size of towns and cities. Urbanization is the most…

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The Top 15 Urbanization Topics

Sometimes in different higher institutions we have a task to write good essay topics on the theme of urbanization. It’s recommended to provide your task with argumentative essay examples, but before, you need to understand its meaning. Urbanization is a world-historical process of increasing the role of cities in the development of mankind, which covers changes in the placement of productive forces, primarily in the distribution of the population, its socio-occupational, demographic structure, lifestyle, culture, etc.

Urbanization is a multidimensional demographic, socio-economic and geographical process that takes place on the basis of historically formed forms of society and territorial division of labor. In a narrower, statistical and demographic sense, urbanization is the growth of cities, especially large ones, increasing the proportion of urban population in a country, region, the world (so-called urbanization in the narrow sense of the word or urbanization of the population). Prerequisites for urbanization are the growth of industrial cities, the development of their cultural and political functions, and the deepening of the territorial division of labor. Its characterized by an influx of rural population and a growing pendular movement of the population from the rural environment and the closest small cities to large cities (for work, with cultural and household needs, etc).

To make all the information clear, we want to provide you with persuasive essay topics about urbanization:

  1. A comparative analysis of the demographic aspects of the development of the urbanization process in different countries of the world is based on data of the growth of urban population.
  2. The prevailing growth of urban and non-agricultural population in comparison with rural and agricultural ones as the main characteristic feature of modern urbanization.
  3. Urbanization is characterized by the concentration of population in large and small cities.
  4. In the developing world, the demographic explosion is accompanied by an "urban explosion".
  5. The process of urbanization as controversial.
  6. With the development of urbanization, the role of migration in the growth of urban population is gradually decreasing.
  7. Urbanization as a global process.
  8. Half of the world's population lives in cities.
  9. In order to stabilize the process of urbanization, it is necessary to make a partial outflow of population from the city to rural areas, which will lead to the unloading of cities and an increase in trade between the countryside and the city.
  10. Nowadays, urbanization has become one of the main factors of environmental pollution.
  11. Metropolis as the most popular form of urban life.
  12. Life in the city, advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Urbanization is a modern disease.
  14. Large cities have a significant impact on the environmental situation.
  15. One of the main stages of urbanization is sub urbanization.

So, there are many options of how to write urbanization essay. The main thing you need to know is that all modern industrial and industrialized societies are urbanized. The population of the most populated cities of developed countries, sometimes reaches the mark of 20 million of inhabitants. The most popular form of urban life is the metropolis.


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